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Auto Accidents

Taking control of your automobile accident case is the first step in collecting the best insurance settlement.  You take control away from the insurance company when you learn how the process works.  Until then, your confusion and frustration is what helps the insurance company win.  Learning the claims process and how to best prove your injury case takes place after consulting an injury lawyer.

First, you must know that insurance companies protect insurance companies, not you.  The other driver’s insurance company is not on your side and neither is your own automobile insurance carrier.  All of the insurance adjusters and insurance company lawyers are working to save their companies’ money.  They get paid by the insurance company to do this.  One way they accomplish this goal is by trying to pay you less when it’s time to settle your claim.  If you reject their offer, you get nothing, and you must go to court and try to win.  Only then, if you win in court, will they be ordered to pay the claim.

Everything the insurance company does during both the claims process and the litigation process is geared towards paying you very little or nothing at all.  So, how could anyone working for the insurance company possibly be on your side?  Understanding who is really there to help you puts you in control of your case.  An injury lawyer is paid to protect you.  An injury lawyer is truly only your side.